School Policies

Due to concerns over recent events in our county, The Crisis Team at Centertown would like to remind parents of procedures in place for our school.  We review our procedures weekly, and we need everyone’s assistance to ensure the safety of ALL children involved.

Currently we have 30 faculty and staff certified in CPR/AED. These members are strategically placed/chosen throughout our building to ensure quick responses.  In addition, these names are familiar to all employees at Centertown. Eleven of these staff members serve on our Crisis team as well.  And, as you know, we have a full time registered nurse on duty.

Daily Procedures:

  • Visitors enter front door after being “buzzed” in

  • Visitors sign in

  • Visitors may not enter hallway without an appointment or without permission.

  • Visitor badge prior to entering hallways – Visitors without badges will be escorted to office.

Annual Procedures:

  • Fire Drills Monthly

  • Annual drills include lock down/out, earthquake and tornado

Emergency Procedures:

  • Shelter-in Place – for severe weather

  • Evacuation on campus – if fire we would evacuate to an outside area and release students from there as we do from school (Pick-up would be signed out, bus riders would ride bus.

  • Evacuation off campus – Gas leak or other severe situation– We would proceed to our off site location, begin calling parents, have students signed out or load buses.

  • Lockdown – If danger/threat is inside the building, ALL DOORS IN BUILDING ARE LOCKED.

  • Lockout – If threat is outside, we only lock entrance doors.  All will enter and exit through front lobby – ALL STUDENTS ARE IN BUILDING.

Your child’s safety is our primary concern.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call Kim Woods at 259-4600.