Supply List 2018-19

Supply List


Centertown Elementary
Mrs. Melany and Mrs. Andrea
   Kindergarten Supply List

1 Large Boxes of Tissues
4 Packs of Crayola Crayons (16-24 count)
1 (4 oz. size) Elmers Glue, other brands do not work as well for Kindergartners
4 Small Glue Sticks
1 Yellow Highlighters
1 small Crayon box – No large boxes
1 pair Fiskar Scissors – These are study scissors that will last all year.
1 Packs of Wooden Pencils, prefer Ticonderoga  
2 package pencil topper erasers
1 box washable markers
1 Expo marker
1 box envelopes – This is very important!!  These envelopes are to be kept at home.  Any money sent to school with your child must be sent in an effort to avoid mix-ups or loss. Please be sure to label envelope with child’s name and how money is to be used. 
1 plastic folding Kindergarten mat for resting. Please do not send large mats, due to lack of storage. No pillows or blankets, to prevent head lice.
Change of clothing (please put in Ziploc bag with name on outside)

Wish list (optional)
Lysol Wipes
Construction paper
Ziploc bags

Mrs. Lorie's Class Kindergarten Supply List

3 Boxes of Tissues
4 Packs of Crayola Crayons (24 count)
1 container baby wipes
4 or more Elmer’s Glue Sticks (other brands do not work as well.)  No liquid glue please.
2 Highlighters
1 regular size pencil box
1 pair Fiskar Scissors 
1 Pack of Black Ticonderoga pencils
1 pack of washable markers
1 container Lysol wipes
1 plastic red and blue Kindergarten mat for resting (No pillow or blankets to prevent head lice)
1 can of play-doh. 
Change of clothing (please put in Ziploc bag with name on outside)
Boys only – 1 package paper plates – either size
Girls only – Pack of 2 Casemate skinny Dry Erase markers ($1 at Wal-Mart) Please No Expo brand.
Please be sure to write student’s name on Crayon box, scissors, markers, and packs of crayons.
Do not send rolling backpacks, personal pencil sharpeners, or hand sanitizer.

Wish list (optional)
Extra can play-doh
Masking tape
Cotton balls
Coffee filters
Plastic spoons
Clothes pins

1st Grade

Book Bag (no drawstring backpacks)
Crayons - 4 packs (24 or smaller; no bigger please)
Wooden pencils -2 boxes of 20 each (perfer USA gold or black Ticonderoga brands only)
1 plastic pencil box
Glue sticks - 8
Fiskars Scissors
2 to 3 boxes Kleenex
3 sturdy pocket folders (without prongs)
1 - three prong folder
Primary Writing Journal (the kind with tablet lines on the bottom half and empty space on the top half)
2 containers Lysol/Clorox wipes
Sandwich baggies and baby wipes (girls need to bring)
2 chisel tip dry erase markers and Bandaids (boys need to bring)
Complete change of clothes in gallon Zip-lock baggie (Remember to change clothes when season changes.)
Envelopes - To be kept at home for sending all money that comes to school.

Students need to have pencils and crayons to use at home.  The supply list are for school
Please do not bring any of the following items: ring binders, rolling backpacks, pencil sharpeners, and personal hand sanitizers.

Label the following items with your child's name:
Book bag
pencil box


2nd Grade

Centertown Elementary
2nd Grade Supply List

Backpack (No Rolling)
Pencil Box (name)
 4 Packs of Pencils 
2 Packs of Crayons (name)
2 Yellow Highlighters
 2 Packs of Wide-Rule Notebook Paper
2 (3 prong) Folders with Pockets (name)
Scissors (name)
4 Small Glue Sticks
 2 Boxes of Tissues
Pencil Cap Erasers
Loose Construction Paper 
Lysol Wipes

*Optional Items*
Skinny Expo Marker
Clip Board (name)

* If possible please send Ticonderoga pencils. These are easier for the students to sharpen and do not break as easily. No mechanical pencils.

3rd Grade

3rd Grade Supply List

2 - one subject spiral notebooks (1 red and 1 blue)
4 - three prong folders with pockets (red, blue, yellow, and purple)
4 - Black expo markers (skinny)
Lysol/Clorox Wipes
2 packs - Crayons
4 sticks glue
2 packs pencils (preferably Ticonderoga)
2 packs cap erasers
ruler (inches/centimeters)
1 highlighter
Boys only - peppermints or cough drops and tissues
Girls only - bandaids
No Trapper Keepers, Please!!

Wish List:
card stock (white or colored)
Expo Markers
Paper mate flair pens
Paper clips

4th Grade

Pencils – regular or lead
Pencil sharpener – hand held with top for collecting shavings
24 count Crayola crayons
10 count Crayola fat markers in classic colors
10 count Crayola skinny markers in classic colors
Lysol wipes
Notebook paper
3 ring binder with divider tabs for subjects
Small box for supply storage
Fiskars scissors
Two composition books – no spirals
8 Elmer’s glue sticks
Black fat Expo markers
Four function calculator
5 pack of colored highlighters
1 pack of white copy paper
Large watercolor paint set
Colored pencils
Cap erasers

5th and 6th Grade

Regular No. 2 Pencils
Notebook Paper
3 Composition Books
Teachers recommend a binder, such as a Trapper Keeper or Five Star, which holds paper and has dividers. This will be more durable and easier for students to transport from class to class. If preferred, folders with pockets and prongs can be used instead.
Pencil Box
Magic Markers
1 Small box of crayons 
TI 30X IIS Calculator – 6th    
 Basic 4 -function calculator such as TI 108 calculator- 5th Grade
Inexpensive earbuds
Black or Color Expo Markers (Not fine point)
2 boxes of Kleenex
Lysol Wipes
If you wish to donate extra items to our classroom the following items would be greatly appreciated. 
Notebook Paper
Color Expo Markers

7th and 8th Grade

Box of tissues to homeroom teacher
- Clorox wipes to homeroom teacher
- Loose Leaf Paper and Pencils for you to use
- Highlighters: At least 2, any color
- Glue Sticks
- 2 Composition Books (One for Math and One for ELA)
- 1 Spiral Notebook (Science)
- (3) 1.5 inch binders with pockets inside for ELA, Science and SS
- (1) 2 inch binder for Math
- Calculator from 5th and 6th grade
- Inexpensive ear buds/headphones to keep with you

Optional:    Stick on tabs for dividing journals into sections 
        Ink Pens