Accelerated Reader

You are invited to become involved in your child’s AR experience.  You may access AR Home Connect to view quizzes taken, average book level, your child’s ZPD, average percentage correct, and your child’s progress toward their goal.  Please visit Renaissance Home Connect to find out this information.

The username and password are the students AR login information.  If your child is unsure of this, please come by the library to pick it up, or send a self-addressed stamped envelope.  This information may not be sent home with the child due to confidentiality.

Students who reach the yearly goal in each grade level will be recognized on Awards Day in May.  The goal for K&1st is 20 points, the goal for 2nd-4th is 50 points, and the goal for 5th-8th is 100 points.

Remember, that we do offer four Family Reading Nights a year.  Students may attend with a parent for a night of reading together and the opportunity to take AR quizzes.  Students may check out 3 extra books out and each adult may also check out 3 books. 

Thanks for encouraging reading in your home.  Remember, read with your child every day.  It may be the most important 20 minutes of the day.